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Advice needed on property damage!!!

Posted by Dirk-183621 - Created: 14 years ago
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Hi All,

On Friday night when we came back from work we realized that our neighbour disconnected our water pipe between our house and our water counter and reconnected the water through another pipe.
Both the counter and the water pipe are located on the land of the neighbour. He removed our water pipe because he is building a new house on its place. He reconnected the water to another pipe which goes
along the perimeter of his property. But this new pipe just lays on the ground while the old pipe was under the ground. The water might freeze in the winter now. We did not give him any permission to do it, however he did it on his own while we were absent. We actually were discussing with
him before how to move our water counter to the boarder of our house but discussions went nowhere. He was obliged to move the water line in his permission of construction from Mairie.

Does anybody have any experience of how do handle it? Should we call the police, Lyonnaise Des Eaux, Mairie? Or should we start legal litigations and call the "office d'huissiers de justice"? Our house and
the water pipe is more then 50 yeas old and I belive there is a low in France that disallows to remove old pipes without permission of the owner.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


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Posted by astuart - 14 years ago

My suggestion would be to start with the Mairie as in my experience when you ask them for friendly advice they can be helpful in telling you exactly what is the law and even suggest a few lines of action.