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advice needed "ordures menageres" for renters?

Posted by k UMGELTER - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by k UMGELTER - 13 years ago

This is good news.. thank you.

I was courteous and polite - quite simply told them I had no money.  They can't argue with that.  They have already "divided" the portion of the "ordures menageres" for the house, but even so the bill is like 100E a  year!

I have a small peice of paper with all the years itemized and the amount due.

The apt is in better conditino than when I took it.  I completely redid the inside, including the electricity was not within the norms (there was no "terre").  I also beleive that I have photos of this because I didn't trust hte landlord!.. but with the move and stuff I don't know that I still hae them as some of my stuff has already been moved back to the US!  But playing bluff might just work. 

The landlord lives upstairs and is an old retired couple.

We got along fine because I never asked for anything, work all the time thus never around, rarely make noise, paid my rent on the first of every month for 7+ years, am single without kids.. what could possibly go wrong with a tenant like me... I think that they have no money and don't have the deposit...

They recently went away on a 3-4 month vacation....




K Umgelter

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Total nonsense behaviour by landlord looking to sandbag your deposit. (Seems strange behaviour as you have been there 8 years so looks like you got on OK together)

First of all - stay cool, calm and polite - appear to be ready to consider the request but be sure to get his/her current request in WRITING.

Then - remain courteous and take a day or two to consider the demand.

Statute of limitations for financial accounts is already maximum 7 years - even the taxman can't go further back than that -so that gives you some idea now how to deal with unscrupulous landlord.  NOw that you have an illegal demand in writing, you can start to negotiate.  Normally "ordures menageres" would be shared so you do have some responsibility but then you sy that "charges comprises" was the understanding.  Knowing that you are a tidy respectful tenant and have not damaged the place, I'd be inclined to play hard ball and tell landlord that unless the caution was repaid in full, you will be going to "les Impots" to ask their advice on how to reply to his/her demand for the ordures menageres payment.  That should do the trick.