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Advice on opening up utilities, but Im in UK without a French bank account!

Posted by Angeliqueb7 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Angeliqueb7 - 5 years ago


The bank in Nice, was amazing. Opened it via email, so easy! EDF has a English speaking phone line. The water company has a English page, but it appears the phone service is in French. Any ideas how to do that one?

Thanks for all your help!


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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 5 years ago

No recommendation but if. by chance, you have a Barclays account in UK - you might get a Barclays account in Antibes for example, more easily than one at French banks.

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Posted by Journeyman1 - 5 years ago

Yes, all good advice nothing I can add to all that accept do it quickly as summer holidays are nearly upon us and then things in the French system take even longer than normal

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

I may be wrong but if you have never had utilities accounts before, I suspect you will need to provide bank details and set up a contract, before you can set up an espace client. I would get moving on the bank account first, most French banks take a while to get your account up and running. Otherwise, your agent's advice might be worth a try.

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Posted by andrewandrewball - 5 years ago

You can open a customer page on the web and pay by credit card. I do this for all my electricity and water and you can view all the bills etc

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Posted by Tony2101 - 5 years ago

When we moved to France our Agency organized all of the utilities for us. Have you asked them to do this for you - it should be part of their normal service?

Alternatively, if your agency is not being that helpful, EDF (The electricity board) has an English language phone line for each region. Here is a link to their english language help page:


FOr water, here is the English language Website for Lyonnaise des Eaux (Local Water Board). Again, you can open an account remotely:

http://www.lyonnaise-des-eaux.fr/fiche/16224/Managing your account simply and effectively target=

For a Bank Account, I suggest you contact the International Brance of BPCA in Nice. It's an English language based service and you should be able to open an account remotely:


JUst remmebr that Bank Fees in France are typically more expensive than the UK...

Good luck!