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advice on Renting your house in france pitfalls

Posted by Tut928 - Created: 13 years ago
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I would like to rent the bottom half of my house in france but i am conserned about squatters and the bizzare french laws i see on the net can anyone advise me further

Thanks Den

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Posted by Tut928 - 13 years ago

My conserns are simple i want to rent my flat on a six month renewable contract with a holding depoisit of say one months rent and one month in advance refferances ect after six months either party must give notice in writting if they wish to move out then they move out two months later ie eight months in total .

Is this the same system in france as i see on the net french law is not so clear on the rental market as a forigner Lots of horry stories on the net about people actual breaking into there houses and taking posesion also move in pay the first months rent and then pay no more please advise .

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

quote:and the bizzare french laws i see on the net

What sort of bizzare (sic) laws are you referring to?

quote:can anyone advise me further

My advice would be to be a little more forthcoming.  What are you concerned about exactly?  You mention "squatters".  Ermm - as far as I know a property is not rented to squatters - they come and occupy already empty properties.  Maybe this is just a language issue - perhaps you are worried about tenants not paying rent?  How would you like to deal with that situation in any country other than France?  How do you see it being different in France?