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advice please

Posted by frew - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Tinker-186005 - 17 years ago

I have  dyslexic children, bilingual,but both diagnosed whilst within semi private schools, once they leave primary school they will be allowed to tape lessons , take exams orally and so forth, but at the moment I am expected to take them to one place and another for the help they need, I am told that the Mougin School has a very good reputation for dyslexic children, the CIV as good as it maybe will probably fail your childrens entry due to the extra assistance they will be obliged to offer, I could go on and on , it all comes down to funding and let not forget how clever most dyslexics are, my daughter can put up a flat pack bed in half the timeof an adult as she can SEE it, best of luck feel free to contact me via email


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Posted by frew - 17 years ago

thanks so much for your reply , my twins who are eight have absolutly no problem verbally and are extremly fun loving and advanced beyound their years mentally and i do not really expect to many problems i hope ,  i work in the school they attend  and the only problem they have is writing it down and did not require one to one within the classroom and are about a year behind .my thirteen year old was quiet bad and required one to one for so many hours a week within school this was withdrawn a few years ago and he is now holding his own and has actually just shocked me and knows more french than me but i dont know much any way  i hope this explains a little more thanks again for your timeworried

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Posted by Nona-185684 - 17 years ago


The dyslexic history makes your intentions far more significant than for other people. You don't say how significant their difficulties are.

I assume you have spoken to your children's teachers and therapists or SENCO about the specialised help they require. If not I strongly recommend that you do.

Think about their verbal language skills too. Adding another language complicates existing speech and language problems as well as the written language difficulties they will experience. You also need to consider their temperaments and how they are likely to handle such a change. They are all at sensitive ages, and confidence and self esteem are vulnerable.

Dyslexia is usually handled outwith french schools by an orthophoniste which is covered by social security and mutuelle insurance. IMHO teachers then feel that the children are receiving the help that they need and I would query how much support is then provided in class. Diagnosis and intervention lags behind the UK in this area and awareness of the nature of difficulties is not widely understood.

If you were to pursue the private school option be aware that you may have to top up a bit on the fees depending on the amount of support needed. ISN, ISM and Mougins School all have SEN teachers. Don't know about the CIV.

Only parents can decide what is best for their children but this is a big issue you do need to discuss carefully with those who know your kids.