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Advice- seeking US Green Card for Euro spouse

Posted by Mollie-182222 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by belamica-188434 - 13 years ago

Dear Mollie,

You only need a green card if you're a foreigner who wants to WORK in the US is the last I heard.  There's supposed to be a slight advantage if you're married to a US citizen (we were told the wait is less long - ha ha).

My own experience was:  A few years ago while working in the USVI running our charter boat, I (US citizen) and my husband (Swiss) were told by USVI Immigration he had to apply for a green card (which you have to do OUTSIDE the US because you're not supposed to be IN the US when you apply).  Closest out-of-the-country location to pick up the "visa" was Barbados.  The application process took over 18 months, such a rigamarole you wouldn't believe it.  We had no legal help. Once you apply keep on dogging them for a reply/action  cuz otherwise your application can get lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully things have improved in the meantime, but I rather doubt it considering the paranoia existing presently.  Good luck.