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airline delays

Posted by gina-185295 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by fidav - 15 years ago

This didn't happen to be an easyjet flight? I was on the one from Gatwick, due in at 21.25 and actually only taking off at 21.35! Luckily I had my car parked at the airport .... but it was in car park 8 which is near terminal one (coz it was cheap) and I was in terminal two and there were no shuttle buses and no information desks open so I got to walk 2 km in the dark with all my luggage to get my car!

They did say on the flight that you could contact easyjet at their website if you wanted to complain etc .... but I am sure you will get zero out of them!  They must have quite some small print to be able to be so late and so badly organised all the time and not have been sued out of business yet!

There were two late easyjet flights in from the UK last night - truly ridiculous, I felt sorry for the folks getting on to our plane to go back to the UK at 1.30am!! I think it is easier to just pay the BA or British Midlands fare and avoid  the extra costs of taxis and overnight hotels due to easyjet's inherent lateness!!! They have done this to me on 4 different occasions and I still haven't learnt ... well at 1am walking 2km in the dark last night, waiting to be mugged, raped or murdered for my luggage, I realised that the cheap flights are just not worth it, no matter how much cheaper they are - you get what you pay for!!

I'm sorry she had a rough time, I probably could have given her a lift somewhere, but I must admit I was not in the most sociable or friendly of moods at that hour!!

I would like to recommend a boycott of all easyjet flights ... they don't deserve to have regular paying passengers for the appauling service they give!