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Alert Police all over the place.

Posted by carolie-182474 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

My support for the zero tolerance brigade.  The police should be out there stopping those who risk the lives of others with their dangerous driving, not issuing parking tickets or worrying if people have their seat belts on.

Anyone driving dangerously should be pulled out of their car and made to walk home - preferably with a good kick in the backside to help them on their way.  The car should be confiscated and sold at public auction,  giving the owner a chance, if he wishes,  to buy it back.  Cars with defects rendering them unroadworthy should be scrapped.  (Ditto drivers!)

I also believe a good place to start would be the little hoodlums on unregistered scooters who make our lives a misery withtheir thieving and their noise.  Those who survive go on to become the lawless car drivers of the future.

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Posted by carolie-182474 - 16 years ago

Well Backadder I don't listen to riv rad so I didn't know about the blitz. Apu I fully agree with you about stopping people speeding on the roads, my only problem with that is that they decide a day annonce it so everyone knows and arrest or fine loads of people. I wish the would do it every day, I know they couldn't do it to the same degree as today but it seems to be all or nothing here with the police.

I'm a nurse myself so I have seen the effects of speeding from the other side and when you seen so many mostly young people dead or maimed for life as a result of speed and drink it takes it's toll. Also here I have noticed big time the  young drivers of car driving like maniacs andyoung 16 or 17 year olds on motorbikes without proper helmets. I have seen peersonally about 3months ago on the moyenne corniche the result of a young man driving a motorbike without a proper helmet. THe accident happened just before I drove up, A young man had been hit by a car his fault but no proper helmet, he could not have been more than 18 and there was nothing I could do for him he was already dead such a waste.

Sorry folks for the long mail I just fell very strongly that more should be done on a regular basis. Any others views or comments welcome.



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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

dear carol,

i am sorry but i really hope the police arrest as many people as possible tonight. i think last year about 3 times more people died on french roads, then in britain (not sure what the exact figures, but know for sure its loads)....it is a crazy amount as both countries have the same population...

also all these crazy drivers cost the tax payer money...the car insurance goes up...the social services has thousands of more permanently disabled people to pay for...as if we do not have enough on the dole already...

it is about time the police did something...they might not be arresting the real crooks....but if they stop the blood shed on the roads then it is our interest...

well...you never know...i'll get done for speeding tomorrow and that will knock me of my high horse....


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Posted by BLACKADDER-189265 - 16 years ago

yeah if you listen to riv rad this morn you would have heard that todays the day for so many hundreds of speed cams around nice and beond they mentionedit last year and no body has begun to slow down in that stretch of road(doesnt bother me the bike only does 50)so now its come as a shock   on no!!!!!!!!!!!