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An American's chances of long term work in Nice???

Posted by MelissaHK - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by Pervinca - 13 years ago

I thoroughly endorse what Lana said: the CdA & Nice is full of qualified & experienced professionals looking for a suitab le job, and don't turn yr nose up at "menial" work since this too is hard to come by, without experience!   I'm an ex-prof, teacher & translator, with journalistic & editing skills, and am _still_ trying to get the right kind of job.  I know several teachers who refuse to work in these dubious little language schools for 7 euros an hour and are doing cleaning work & are grateful for this since it pays the bills, not an incidental consideration here. Watch this forum for jobs, any kind of waitress/cleaning/key-holding job is snapped up immediately, so many students, air hostesses who've lost their jobs, a huge floating population who want the sea and sun but also have to make out.

I've decided to do my own thing & start up a business.  I know all this sounds negative but it's a tough place if you haven't got a job or money & don't expect handouts here.

My advice is to improve yr French first (if it's not already perfect) especially yr written French, before having a go.

Lots of luck, anyway. 

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Posted by bentley-196222 - 13 years ago

Hi Melissa,

I had a consulting job in Paris in 1990 and didn't want to return to LA when the contract ended.  So I applied for a few jobs in Paris and in Sophia, was accepted by a few companies and chose one down here, went back to LA while the company did the Visa paperwork and have been here ever since.

Maybe times have changed but I didn't have any problems.  Some friends of mine came over a few years later on a student Visa... that might be an alternative.  Enroll in Ceram, etc for a year of study and then let them help you find a job.

Don't get discouraged by people telling you how difficult it will be...just go for it.  and good luck!

ps - send me your cv and I'll see if I can help.......

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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

If you come to France without a work permit, you will find it very difficult to find ANY kind of job, never mind your dreams of a good job. After you are married, you will still find it difficult to find a job in this region, even if your French is good.

As someone mentioned, unless you're an IT specialist, there's not much out there and the competition is fierce. Expect an enormous cut in earning power and be prepared to take whatever you can get. If you happen to have financial experience, you might find something in Monaco, but only after you are married and your working papers are in order.

I used to work for a company that has a branch in Monaco and even that didn't work in terms of being transferred. Even though I am married to a French national and legally able to work, I've been looking for a job for several months now after having lived here for two years. My French is very fluent though not perfect, so realistically speaking, I can only hope for a job where English or Spanish would be more valued than French. I speak six language, went to university, have wide work experience and was even in charge of IT in a small office, but I'd be happy to land a receptionist job at this point.

If your boyfriend knows a lot of people and is well connected, you might fall into a job through word of mouth, but arriving without working papers is not going to cut it for the type of goals you have set for yourself. There are far more opportunities in Paris or other large towns in France and the pay is better.


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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 13 years ago

I have heard of people becoming investors in start ups/companies seeking investment in return for a CDI.

You would need to be careful as there are some shady operators here, but if the company is 100% legit then this is something to consider, also think careful that the skills you have will benefit the company and protect your investment!

If your French is not 100% then I would strongly advise an intensive French course to give you confidence.


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Posted by tkw - 13 years ago

Even if you did get married there is no guarantee that you would get a job here or at best expect it to take you many months. That is, after the administrative delays of several months.

Obviously, the best and most difficult way to enter a country is to already have a job before you show up. Try it first.

Unless you have are in a niche that is in particularly high demand here or are completely fluent in french, I think you will have a hard time competing.

Of course you could try for a job on a yacht that way you don't technically live in France and it pays better than the restaurants. :)

good luck

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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 13 years ago

Hi Melissa-

I live in another part of France, but I also moved here to be with my boyfriend, and it took me many months to find a job, despite being having a good education and pretty good written/oral French.  I think a lot of employers are hesitant to hire Americans because there is more paperwork involved in getting visas, work permits, etc - it's much easier to hire someone from within the EU, or what's more likely the case: someone French! 

I don't mean to be negative either, but I never thought I'd be working as a cleaning lady in a hotel, especially after how well I was doing in the US, but it's a choice you have to make.  And don't put your hopes on getting a job as an English teacher or translator - there's lots of competition, and most people are looking for someone with a degree and/or qualifications.  I also had the problem of my degree and license not being recognized in France, so I'm currently battling the administration to see if they will accept it, which is frustrating, especially when my schooling was much more intensive than what is required here in France.

Good luck,


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Posted by nice cuppa tee - 13 years ago

Sorry to be negative, but unless you have very marketable IT or telecom skills (eg you have several years of engineering experience) I very much doubt you will get a job in Sophia Antipolis. There are many highly educated people in PACA who are out of work or underemployed.

Good luck, but you will find it far more difficult getting a job here than in your home country. If you don't speak fleunt French (and that means fluent written French too) your goal verges on the hopeless.

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Posted by jjoepage - 13 years ago


People who are over educated and experienced to wait tables will find that France has many sophisticated options for employment as well.  Sophia Antipolis is quite near nice and it has many very international, very high tech, very English speaking companies who might enjoy the benefit of what skills you might have.  It is certain that they will help you secure your visa because there are thousands of other foreingers all about Valbonne, Biot and Mougins who have one.  That part about 'living with a man before marriage' I'll leave to the church for consideration and comment ;) 


Its all good