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Another Tiscali Nightmare

Posted by TerryT-188383 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi, A friend of mine is having some trouble with Tiscali. Recently she decided to purchase their online offer of virus protection with Norton AntiVirus. After going through all the stages to buy it, she finally came to the "OK" button to authorize the purchase and clicked on it. This is where the problem started because nothing seemed to happen for quite a while, the page didn't change. So she clicked on the "OK" again.....then again. The result being that as far as Tiscali are concerned she has taken out 12 subscriptions for Norton AntiVirus. Normally this costs 4€ a month, at present it is costing her 48€ a month by automatic bank account deductions. She has rung Tiscali a number of times, written many emails, but has met with the same response, she is obligated to pay these charges for a year.  I know this sounds unbelievable on Tiscali's part, but there it is. In fact it seems in keeping with a number of other scenarios described with this particular company on these pages. Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated. So far only one month has been deducted and the advice her bank gave her was to wait and see if Tiscali change their mind before they do anything.  

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Posted by Montana99 - 13 years ago

Unfortunately, I can't give you a solution to this other than suggesting you send a registered letter complaining about the problem and explaining the absurdity of ordering Norton 12 times! 

I have wasted precious time and money fighting with them as well over my adsl connection.  Before we moved house, they emailed to confirm they could continue my internet service in my new home...For 3 weeks after our arrival, I did not have access to internet at all.  And then they simply cancelled my "abonnement", without even informing me.  I received a nasty letter ordering me to return the modem, which I'd paid 99€ for (and which would have been my property in September)  or they would charge me another 99€! 

Avoid Tiscali at all costs.