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Answerphone when busy on France telecom

Posted by James Morgan - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by No.6 - 15 years ago

Notwithstanding for one moment Legend's now...well, legendary talents and the undoubted joys of a 3-way conference call in franglais (and at the risk of promoting yet another of FT's FREE services!), you can also 'subscribe' to and unsubscribe from such services remotely, via internet, no verbal skills involved!  All you need as identification is your last 'phone bill.

Try: http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/vf/tel_maison/index.htm and look under 'services / services gratuits', for example.  Useful, I find, if you want to get a good overview of all the options available, both free and paying, with definitons, explanations and prices up front - as long as you don't mind deciphering written French, I guess.

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Posted by James Morgan - 15 years ago

I took the offer of Legend-in-my-lunchtime to help ge me connected which he kindly did using another FT feature of conference calling.  He called 1014 and the service is maintained by calling 3103.  What great help!  Thanks everyone.

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 15 years ago

Another tip - is to use the voicemail notification by email functionality.With this enabled you will receive an email every time your voicemail takes a message for you. This is very useful if you happen to be away from home or if like me you forget to lift the phone to check for unexpected messages.ps: If I remember rightly - the difference between 3103 and 3125 was dependant on whether or not your phone line had any digital service enabled - 3103 was for analog lines and 3125 was for ISDN/ADSL enabled lines.

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Posted by Christine-180881 - 15 years ago

I'm amazed that all of you say you have to ask for it as I have 2 phone lines and 3103 came automatically with both, so James, try dialling it and if it doesn't work, call 1014

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

sheesh mrist06 - a tad paranoic aren't we?

An answering machine wouldn't help James as he wants to take messages even while he is busy on the line with another call - does your answering machine do that?

The only recommended way of doing this is with the FREE optional service offered by the operator.  3125 was the old service.  3103 is the new service (recently renamed as Dano' noted).  They are similar but function slightly differently.

Just call FT on 1014 and ask for the "Messagerie Vocale" option to be activated.  If you need help with the French operator - just e-mail and we'll arrange to order it together on the phone via 3-way call (another FREE service).

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Posted by mrist06 - 15 years ago

I am sure France Telecom tricked you
This service is an option
Their problem now is the existance of competitors because of new european regulations
Don't you have an answering machine ?
Their goal is to offer you a set of new services that make you depending on them
New economy blesses America and new Europe !

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Posted by poolman-188953 - 15 years ago

I've got this system which was set up when I registered for a telephone line, but I dial 3125 to get my messages. ChrisHautVar

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 15 years ago

Until recently the service was called TopMessage, now it appears to be known as La Messagerie Vocale (how originale) accessed via 3103.Not sure it is automatically set up with a new line, but at least it's free.More details on France Telecom's site (http://www/francetelecom.fr) under Agence sur le Net, Votre Ligne, Les Services, Messagerie Vocale - it's all in French.Or go into a France Telecom office and pick up the leaflet.

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Posted by Christine-180881 - 15 years ago

The FT voicemail system usually comes automatically with a new line. You should be able to hear your messages by dialing 3103. If you have new messages, the voice tells you straight away and you'll hear your messages directly after, without having to do anything. If you want to listen to messages that have been stored already, you'll have to press "1" after listening to the voice.


Hope this helps