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Any ideas for Monaco/Area Hotel....Sunday

Posted by Aroncb - Created: 14 years ago
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Looking to find a hotel 2/3 star in monaco or monaco area (10-20km) for Sunday night that isn't going to cost a small mortgage or require me to sell by kidneys?  Or my girlfriends....(Less pain involved.) Spent 1 hour looking on net and still can`t get a simple list to call/break down.....

Anyone noticed that the hotel websites for Monaco are all very disjointed and pretty pants... (A technical term used by us webbies.)   Terrible processes, asking for too much info - I need a photo description/ address /price and phone number.. I don't want to enter 3 years worth of info....  and still be asked to enter credit card details before I see price or availablity - Not likely.  Small Bus.op here thats for sure... 

Why is it that most sites can`t even follow the most basic UI design laws, business process protocols or customer service requirements.  I want convienience dagdamit.  Not complication that enables 50 seperate companies to get a cut from a cut from... and hence over price a simple transaction.. room4cash. 

Any ideas anyone?  On either?

Thx A

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Posted by fidav - 14 years ago

Hotel Olympia is in Beausoleil - literally across the road from Monaco: phone number

00 33 4 93 78 12 70

I have a friend staying their long term and apparently it is very nice and quite reasonable!


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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 14 years ago

Hotel Helvetia is the one on the rue Grimaldi which is 2/3 stars.

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Posted by miajl - 14 years ago

I've noticed a Hotel Versailles (tel +377 93507934) on Ave Prince Pierre, near the old train station and junction leading up to the Rock and if I'm not mistaken, it's a 2 or 3 star.  On Rue de la Turbie, also near the same junction, there was another one w/c I think was called Hotel de France. I'm pretty sure was a 2 star. Lastly, there was one I also passed in Beausoleil just a couple of blocks from the border of France and Monaco (near the Casino). I'll try to get the names and/or numbers of the last 2 hotels mentioned.  Meantime, hope this helps.


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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 14 years ago


The Hotel Alexandra in Monaco is a 3 star hotel which is priced well for what it is. Its nothing amazing but the price is good.

Also, have a look on the internet under 'Hotels in Monte Carlo+Rue Grimaldi'. There are quite a few 2 and 3 star hotels which are actually very nice hotels. There is also one by the Station in Monaco which looks nice and im told is quite cheap...there is no noise from the station because the station is a long long long way underground!

Hope this helps,