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Anyone use yahoo mail?

Posted by nk-197023 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by nk-197023 - 13 years ago

tried messing with the mtu settings - tried a bunch of different ranges but to no avail.i can get in to yahoo mail if i go www.yahoo.co.uk but not through yahoo.commy adsl provider (cegetel) do have a tech support centre but i didn't find them very knowledgeable on this subject.nk

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

hmmm..  I would hazard a guess on the small amount of info that you have provided that you are suffering the infamous MTU fragmentation problem that seems to be provoked by sharing ADSL connections over ETHERNET (so-called MTU fragmentation with PPPoE).

Is the PC from which you are experiencing the problem connected via an ETHERNET cable?  Is it perhaps the 2nd PC in the home sharing the ADSL Internet connection of another PC?  Or perhaps just the first PC but hooked up to a router with an ETHERNET cable?

In any of those cases your problem is almost surely the MTU fragmentation which does manifest itself exactly as you have described - some web pages simply fail to load - and this behaviour is consistent with those specific web pages for the PC that is affected.

The fix is quite easy but rather tricky to explain here in this forum without a technical dialogue.  If you know how to tinker with your PC at the system registry level, you can consult this link for some advice, otherwise send e-mail if you need direct help.

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Posted by malena-191350 - 13 years ago

Hey nk,

I just logged on to my Yahoo message box, no problems.  Hope this helps.


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Posted by Miss Varna - 13 years ago

I have a yahoo.com addy and have no probs accessing it.