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Anyone with experience of moving to Italy?

Posted by Steve R-187639 - Created: 14 years ago
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I have the opportunity to move to Italy in the next few months and was wondering if anyone reading this has gone through the process.

I am of British nationality and have gone through all of the paperwork associated with moving to France so I'm ready for another long-winded process.

Is there anything I should be aware of before embarking on the paperwork? Can it be as bad as getting a Carte de Sejour? Can it be worse? Do I need to get a Carte de Sejour equivalent or do we still not know?

I have been told that when you register with the local authorities you designate a doctor from a list as 'your' doctor. This sounds straightforward enough and I have also been told that visits to the designated doctor are free. What concerns me is that I have since been told that these doctors often claim ignorance and refer you to specialists for which you pay heavily. Is this the case? Is there medical insurance which can be taken out to cover medical bills? Anyone know of a website (in English) which could explain some of this to me.

I don't suppose there's an angloinfo.it?

Any advice that any of you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by gollum-193507 - 14 years ago

If you move there "officially" it is very complicated. If you just go and live there, nobody minds at all.

Strictly you are supposed to get a "permesso di soggiorno" which is the same as "carte de sejour". But I spend three or four afternoons queueing up to get the necessary papers at various ministeries and police stations, then just gave up. It didn't cause me any problems not having one.

You can get your "codice fiscale" easily - just buy a mobile phone SIM card and they put your details into the computer and hand back your card.

I would advise you not to bother with any of the bureaucracy there unless you are specifically ordered to by somebody in authority. Even then, you probably need not bother for a couple of years after that until somebody tells you again...



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Posted by maiva - 14 years ago

if you have the opportunity not to move then take it :)

paperwork is a mess like the traffic!

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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

hi, i have moved to italy twice...am british and did not many problems...

i think stuff might have changed but i had to get three things sorted out.

1) premesso di sorgino - living premit

2) codice fiscale - national insurance number

3) libretto sanitario - health insurance rights book

i was moved for professional reasons and hence everything was easy but very slow.

met lots of people that lived there unofficially...