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Applying for 10-year carte de sejour

Posted by Blume-216527 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by garoolgan-207343 - 5 years ago

Have a look at this:




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Posted by wendy-179831 - 5 years ago

Blume, you may find it helpful to ask at your Mairie what you need to know and do. They should have a list of everything you need.

Or you can look at this link from the Prefecture's site, and choose your "situation", you should get a comprehensive list of what you'll need to provide:


Are you "upgrading" from a five-year non-EU one? If so, you should be able to submit the dossier at your Mairie, which especially brilliant if you live in a small village. I found it quite painless, took about 3 months to get the new one, though. The Mairie had to give me a special permission for extension letter on the old one because it "ran out".:


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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

have a look on the sevicespublic.org site as I remember having seen info that EU citizens could have a 20yr carte de sejour in they asked for it

obviously you'd need to print out the relevant info for the prefecture but worth following up to avoid having to have your passport with you all the time

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Posted by crumblies - 5 years ago

When my 5 year carte de séjour lapsed a couple of years ago I trotted down to the Mairie to renew it, hopefully for a longer-term one. The previously helpful employee I spoke to was now adamant that I couldn't have a new one as they are not compulsory For EU citizens. I know that, but still want one, mainly for convenience. French people, including officials like the police, don't understand why I haven't got one, and I don't like carrying my passport everywhere.

When I got my first one I was able to quote an article of law stating that although they are not compulsory they could be issued to EU citizens on demand, but I've lost that piece of information. I also had to write a letter of motivation to the Préfecture of the Var.

So, like Blume, I too would be glad to hear from a successful applicant.

Mrs C