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Applying for French Citizenship

Posted by SammyT-194551 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by cristina_75-200498 - 14 years ago

Do you have any idea  if i'm from Romania married with a French ,how long i have to be married  to give me the right on applying for French Citizenship?And how long will takes after that on having the French nationality?Thanks.cristina

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

As countries become more 'corporate' in their identity, I for one am very pleased that nationality (at least in Europe) is becoming irrelevant.

Who wants to be defined by McDonalds, Gauloises, Guinness, BMW, Marks & Spencers etc.? Not me, I'm utterly resistant to definition by national stereotyping.

Best regards,


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Posted by Blaster Bates - 15 years ago

Don't bother



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Posted by will 06 - 15 years ago

As an aside what are the advantages for a Brit getting French citizanship ?In the old days it could work against you say for having to do national military service.I guess one would be an ID card if you lost or forgot your passport going to the UK.

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Posted by Lady and the tramp - 15 years ago

The best way to get all the answers you want is to ask the local american consulate in France or to go on the immigration/natualization french website. To my knowledge, you can not apply directly for citizenship without having had at least two years of regular "carte de séjour" (equivalent of american green card) unless one of your parents or yourself was born in France. One very important thing to remember: when you ask for any information concerning immigration in France, make sure that the person answering you is aware that the laws have been changed several times in the past ten years. For instance, with the new Sarkozy laws voted last november, one has to wait two years after the date of the wedding while holding a carte de séjour to be able to apply for citizenship where as before it was one year from he date of your first carte de séjour.Immigration policy is getting tougher in France, specially for non-EU citizens. The only other possibility I see is for you to get a job in France while being sponsered by a french employer which will give carte de séjour, but you will still have to wait ten years to apply for citizenship. Oh, and another thing: If you two guys have kids, born in France, citizenship is automatically granted to the mother. But beware, the laws changed so many times, you ought to check it out!

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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 15 years ago

We considered getting a PACS, but I was told it doesn't "count" when applying for citizenship.  Thanks for the rest of the info though!


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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 15 years ago

It's possible (usually granted, but not always) if you've been here for 10 years on a valid Carte de Resident and have a clean record (casier judiciare). It helps if you can establish residence with a French national during that time (same address for tax purposes or joint tax return).With less than ten years official residence and no French spouse it's difficult to get citizenship.Something to ask at the prefecture: if marriage is not in the offing, will a PACS serve the same purpose and establish an officially recognised link with your partner for citizenship purposes? Could be....