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Architect - planning permission

Posted by jonnny68 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Eoin M - 16 years ago

No Andy, you're probably in the right "buisness", what ever it is.  Don't attempt architecture though as you will be sued into kingdom come on your first commission judging by your knowledge of the permis de construire process! 

The administration has the right to require up to 203 different documents at the last count - in 6, to 10 copies depending on the mairie and the type of application.  Of course, neither you nor they will know what they want the first time around, so at least two submissions are usually required.

One of the first things required is usually a measured survey of the existing property - the whole property, not just the wall where you want the windows - both in plan and elevation then drawing it up; "insertion dans le site" perspectives; all sorts of other drawings; extrait de cadastre, etc, etc; then meetings with the ABF, DDE, Services techniques and Urbanisme of the mairie - and it can go on for months, not 3 hours!.........

Add in office overheads, professional insurance based on 60% of the final cost of contruction even though the fee is only 30% of that for a full design and supervision role............

Don't give up the day job Andy.

Eoin M

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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 16 years ago

I paid 1600 Euros for exactly the same thing - a renovation of the top floor with 2 windows, so I would say that's a pretty good price. Be sure your architect puts together the entire dosier for the 'permit de construire' for thar price though - ie 6 copies of the forms all filled in plus the plans submitted to the Urbanisme.

I was quoted as much as 3900 Euros by one architect. Not bad for probably 3 hours work. I'm in the wrong buisness.


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Posted by will 06 - 16 years ago

does that include fees to the planning dept ?

Does he know what will normally get passed and what will not ?

will he do another free of charge if plans rejected ?

Is he fully qualified or an interior archietect ?

Does that include a detailed schedule of works for the builder ?

Will he supervise the work ?

Does he have professional liability insurance ?

If the answere is all yes a bargain

Builders dont all like archietects.They have to tender,they dont get paid till the work is done properly,they get penalties if they are late or go off on other jobs,they cant pull the wool over clients eyes easily.

A good archietect will save you a fortune