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Artists Working in the French System?

Posted by Miss Muffet - Created: 10 years ago
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Hi there, I am trying to register so that I can sell my pictures in the French markets - but biensur - not really very straightforward! I was told I had to call the GREF tribunal de Commerce - that I need an extrait de CABIS? and also to register as Artiste Libre for les impots. Obviously I dont want to begin paying tax if I haven't even begun to sell in the markets yet (mainly as I don't have the correct papers for market selling - namely les impots papers) - grrr - is anyone out there an 'artiste libre' that can offer advice on where to go first?
Any advice gratefully accepted. Cheers

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Posted by poochie-197749 - 10 years ago

Go to the hotel des impots, (tax office), tell them the situation, they will get you to fill on the form for 'artiste libre' and then every year you just declare what you earn, even if it's almost nothing. Dead easy.

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Posted by bubs-198364 - 10 years ago

Here's a link for contacting La Maison des Artisteshttp://www.lamaisondesartistes.fr/publications/contacts.php3Good luck

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Posted by Imanchad - 10 years ago

Hi,If you don't sell enough, you'll pay more taxes, and if you sell enough yes, you have to register as an independent artist, moreover you have to contact 'la maison des artistes' they have their own web site, I'll try to look for their address. Cheers