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ASDL who is cheapest with now Contract

Posted by carolie-182474 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

I foolishly installed AOL's dial up software on a laptop so that I could avail myself of one of their 'special offers'. 

After countless problems,  it took all the kings' horses and all the kings' men to get rid of many irritating little programmes and popups, long after I'd deleted the AOL software.  Never, ever, again will I allow anything related to AOL to be installed on any computer I am responsible for.

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Posted by carolie-182474 - 15 years ago

Thanks angloinfo addict but my friends labtop can't be ungraded pass windows 98 and she has AOL at the moment not asdl though and finds it has slowed down the pc to a slow crawl and is very expensive, hence my search for other providers. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.



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Posted by angloinfoaddict-197011 - 15 years ago

Hi Carolie,

If you want security use AOL, you are not tied to it if you want to change ISP's but I cant see why you would want to, you just delete the program, no problems, in fact when you have ADSL broadband you can use internet explorer or any search engine you like, outlook, yahoo if you feel that way inclined, aol communicator which is much better than outlook. you have so much freedom.  But I dont think aol 9 will work with windows 98, you could do yourself a favour and upgrade to Me, its much more compatible with Broadband.  Good luck, If you have any problems I can help you setting it up.  Just thought of another reason for using AOL is that if your computing French isnt up to much you can set up AOL in English.


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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

I agree with Reinrev about AOL. I found their interface annoying when forced to use it in the past, though many computer novices seem to like it.

I use Free, which gives you loads of space for a web site, though from time to time there may be problems connecting, giving the dreaded "invalid username or password" message. These problems generally don't last long, though and on the whole I am satisfied. They were very fast in getting the ADSL up and running.


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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago


Sorry I can't tell you the name of the cheapest ADSL ISP at the moment, there are so many varying offers going, with TV, with telephone.... BUT please let me warn you that if you go with AOL your PC, heart and soul will belong to AOL to the point that if you ever want to change ISPs you will almost certainly have to fortmat your hard disk drive to do so. 


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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 15 years ago

I subscribed to Tele2 in January this year, and haven't had a single problem either with the connection or the speed. If you live in the right area you can get 2048 Kb/s for €20 a month, and you can cancel the contract at any time.However, I do remember reading on here some time last year that some people were having problems with them.

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Posted by ruby-197471 - 15 years ago

I have a laptop too....I am not sure about cheapest but certainly a reliable company is aol....so far they seem the best to me....its sometimes worth paying one or two euros more for the service and quality...also aol have a few english speaking staff if you have problems which the others might not have...something to bear in mind