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Assessing/Financing a start-up project

Posted by CFM-Sophia - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lob-189383 - 16 years ago

would be interested in hearing what your ideas you have.

i have a couple of business ideas for internet based companies but have yet to make the leap..


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Posted by R&D-189657 - 16 years ago

Hi Chris,

The advise just given is quite right. Try these websites for business plan information.





Good luck with your ideas, but do a lot of homework first - it helps you focus too and be realistic.

Regards, Richard


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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 16 years ago

Hi Chris,

This is how it works - You first put together a business plan, complete with cash flow projections, a working model that shows when you expect to be profitable and how much cash you expect to burn until that point. Then, you look for investors.

It is wonderful that you have a promising idea. However, no serious investor will meet you until you have all this prepared. Even at the height of the dot.com era, when kids in sneakers were getting multi-million dollar financing for their website ideas, this is how they approached potential investors.

If you search Google for "business plan", you will find ample examples.

Good luck,