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asthma bad this time of year ?

Posted by Lucabella - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi Just wondering if anyone has been having problems with their asthma .We moved here last Dec and until recently my husbands asthma had been fine ,but lately its started to act up again .Usually when he wakes up in the morning !Just wondering is it the time of the year or not or if anyone has been having similar problems ,ta very much for any info

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Posted by Lucabella - 13 years ago

Thanks for the info guys ,in the end it got quite bad that he ended up going to the Doctor who prescribed a different inhaler .It seems to have done the trick in he now wakes up fine and can cycle without getting an attack . I believe prevention is better than cure and would have liked to know exactly what caused it and your replies were most helpful . heres to easier breathing for you all Lee

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Posted by Runaway-182887 - 13 years ago

My asthma is worse at this time of year too.  Mine is 'allergic' asthma apparently, and one of the things I'm allergic to are spores released by things like ferns and fungi at this time of year so this could be what is affecting you.  It's also bad early in the year as tree pollen has the same effect.  The 'ordinary' hayfever in summer doesn't affect the asthma at all - strange isn't it.  Yours  could also be exacerbated by the fact that at this time of year we start to turn up the heating, close the windows and stay indoors in very dry atmospheres.

I also react quite badly to a lot of perfumes and definitely air fresheners, (in fact, it was an Ambi Pure one that triggered the first attack about 6 years ago !) but not cigarette smoke.


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Posted by Theswan-186225 - 13 years ago

Me too, it started about 3 weeks ago and was getting worse and using my inhaler every day,  however I had an appt with my osteopath about my knee and towards the end of our session I mentioned the asthma getting worse and she immediately started working on my diaphragm; she showed me an exercise to stretch it  where, seated,  I bend forward and stick my fingers in my diaphragm and then take a  breath and arch backwards. You can feel your diaphragm stretch (its quite painful initially) but after a couple of goes it eases off. Straight away my lung capacity seemed huge and my breathing was immediately improved by about 200%  It takes about 10 seconds to do it.

Ive been doing this as advised every other day for a week and i havent used my inhaler since.

If you want her details or contact number email me, she is based in Antibes.



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Posted by Peacock-187994 - 13 years ago

Hi Lucabella,

Funny you should say that. My asthma is pretty bad at the moment and I was thinking about going to the docs about it. I `ve had asthma for 25 years although never really bad, it has always been kept under control with Ventolin and becotide etc. I actually smoked for 15 years and gave up in January this year, since then my asthma has improved no end until about a month or two ago. I am having to use my inhaler every morning ( and often 2 or 3 times in the day ) at the moment.