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AVG virus calls; Scam or Genuine help?

Posted by landb-219853 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Depanordique - 6 years ago

As you have found out it's a scam, and quite widespread it seems.

Whenever someone you don't know calls you on the phone and claims to know something about what's going on on your computer, there are really only two possibilities:
They're bluffing and thus trying to scam you.They have been up to some less than legal tricks, and may have access to your computer already. While I don't remember hearing about this actually happening, it's still a definite possibility.

I was planning to write a longer reply explaining some of the details of such scams, but then I found this: http://www.troyhunt.com/2012/02/scamming-scammers-catching-virus-call.html

It seems that most of these calls originate from the same Indian call-centre.

And if you're wondering about those "significant quotes" at the end: Many of them make absolute no sense, or are outright lies.

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Posted by john794406-226781 - 6 years ago

Hi I've had a couple of these calls too. Suggested she got her bullschittenfactor fixed.Cheers John

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 6 years ago

makes you wonder where they get the contact details from to know to speak english from the get go to someone on a french number?
who's selling out the numbers or anglophone ex pats??????

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Posted by mrs_p - 6 years ago

me too- i got the " microsoft" call and they told me my pc was infected and they could help me fix it. i too challenged her...and she hung up.

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Posted by alessandraclarke - 6 years ago

I actually just received a scam call from a lady saying she worked for Microsoft again in English with a fake sounding Indian accent. When challenged she hung up!

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Posted by landb-219853 - 6 years ago

HI All,

THanks for the comments (and Happy New Year to you all by the way!) - most interesting!

I chatted with AGV support who agreed that it was a scam. LIke Ras, I was immediately suspicious to receive an English call from an unknown person on my landline here. The Indian sounding woman passed me to "CHris"I'm sure because she thought he'd be able to "reassure"me enough to go ahead - but when I voiced my suspiciion to him he very quickly - though somewhat roughly told me I obviously didn't want to have my computer fixed and hung up!

Would be nice to think these people would be shut down in this new year as you can see how people might get fooled into giving them access.

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Posted by Notting Hillbilly - 6 years ago

Thanks for letting us know :)

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 6 years ago

I received a call similar to this about 2 weeks or so ago to my Free based landline. It was immediately suspicious because I hardly give out my landline number, and this female caller started speaking to me in English straight away (albeit with an Indian accent). She said something along the lines that my PC had itself alerted them and that's why they were getting in touch. For me I spotted this scam straight away and could challenge her (she hung up), but for other people they might be vulnerable if they don't understand their computer.
My view is that ALL unsolicited calls are never in your interest to take up.

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Posted by ewalter_98-272173 - 6 years ago

Definite and worldwide reported scam. And not just using AVG as their premise, but also other similar ones ie acting as Microsoft etc...

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Posted by Valbonne06 - 6 years ago