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Bank Draft in GBP

Posted by OK-186520 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I didn't assume that you were a UK ex-pat or had a UK account ..... I suggested that if you knew someone who had a UK bank account, that would be a solution. 

Here's another suggestion - maybe one of the British banks here could do it for you - even if you are not their customer - if you give them cash in exchange for a UK draft/cheque.

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Posted by OK-186520 - 16 years ago

Thanks for the info Mike, but unfortunately not all of us here on Cote d'Azur are UK expats - so I dont have a UK bank a/c. Regardless, the Govt Dept will only take a cheque.

If anyone else has some more info that would be great, otherwise I guess Ill just have to wait 2 weeks.

Thanks :)

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Sounds normal for France! 

Does the Govt. dept in UK require a draft or guaranteed cheque,  or simply payment?  If it is the latter, why don't you get someone who has a UK bank account to send them a cheque or do a UK bank -> UK bank online transfer, and you give them the equivalent here in Euros.