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bbc iplayer

Posted by StormPetrol - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by rjstott - 5 years ago

To connect the Humax box, you need an ethernet cable connected to you router. You could interface to a wireless adapter. 4OD works on my computer but isn't yet availablle on the Humax. You can also get Netflix, Lovefilm, Hulu etc. and you should be able to choose the country (i.e. Netflix has a greater range of films in the US for example). Netflix works on the AppleTV. You can connect as many devices from your home IP address as you want. A subscription can be as short as one month at 4.99 UKP for the SmartDNS solution. They also do VPN if you want privacy but it is more expensive and incurs a small bandwidth overhead. That was my main reason for seeking an alternate solution.

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Posted by morty14 - 5 years ago

What do you need for overplay? will a normal wireless connection get you access?

will it work for other channels? ie 4oD...

struggling to find a reliable system that work!



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Posted by rjstott - 5 years ago

Expatshield is advertisement full. Please try this site OverPlay. They offer a DNS redirection which is neither a VPN nor a Proxy solution and therefore you get all your available bandwidth for the video streaming.

I have just been working with them to get a solution and it now works fine on the Humax. It alos works with other devices such as Apple TV and xBox.

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Posted by architect-193707 - 5 years ago

You need to download Expat Shield which available on line free - then it will work. 

Happy viewing.