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best location on the Cote d'Azur ?

Posted by english_man - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by lynnettejane1 - 16 years ago

Villefranche sur mer is the place for us. We were fortunate to find a small apartment at an affordable price in the pedestrianised old town. It has good rail and bus links to anywhere on the Cote so no need to drive, and the place itself is a gem despite summer madness. The coast from there to menton is beautiful, well worth lookong atlynnette

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Posted by bang-181858 - 16 years ago

small piece of advice


dont move anywhere near there, it is a living nightmare, the aggressiveness, the general attitude, its a living hell


if you are looking for somewhere, normal , calm, and where people respect other people, move to the south west, big difference, dont be fooled by other replys i am dead serious, the day i left the cote d azur , was like getting out of prison. living nightmare

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Posted by WelshNotEnglish - 16 years ago

Can't believe nobody has mentioned the great town of Mouans Sartoux yet! This place is near enough (but not too near) to the sea, has an abundance of things to do/see (like the book festival), has great amenities in the town or very nearby (cinema in the town, Casino supermarket on outskirts and Auchan only 2 mins drive), and has really great schools for the nippers.

You can get nice property for not-too-high prices, and you're only 15 mins drive from Sophia for hassle-free commuting, or 30 mins from the airport.

In case you hadn't guessed, I also live there!!! ;-)

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Posted by Canteloupe - 16 years ago

traj, you are only likely to get flooded if you are on low ground. sorry to sound pedantic.

there are LOTS of higher ground areas along the Siagne, which incidentally is a fantastic alternative to the crowded beaches for cooling off in the hot summer months.

there is also an early warning system for flooding - which failed this year due to some cock up by the company that runs it. they love their technology here but aren't always quite up to speed on how to operate it!

the other reason for recent flooding was because the council didn't clear away all the silt from the Grand Vallon, and so mountain water entered the Siagne sooner and faster than it should. i think those responsible are currently being sued.

schools i know nothing about.

lots of well priced restaus - not your rip off low quality coastal rubbish.

what else could you need?



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Posted by trajectory - 16 years ago


Any ideas what schools are like there? Also, isn't the area liable to flooding of the Siagne?

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Posted by Canteloupe - 16 years ago

traj, they're great. but please don't tell su of cannes less she chooses to move there!

country charm, friendly natives (and expats) and easy striking distance to the coastal resorts.



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Posted by trajectory - 16 years ago

Anyone any opinions on / live in La Roquete-sur-Siagne and Aribeau-sur-Siagne?

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Posted by english_man - 16 years ago

As it was I who asked the first question about the CdA I have found somewhere that meets my 15 minutes to the coast maximum and also very close to a large city and airport, after looking at the hinterland I found it too remote for myself, so its the hills of Nice. Thanks for all the E-mails with advice for schools etc, it did play a part in my decission.


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Posted by SirLurkalot - 16 years ago

I disagree that the ideal place to live is 15 minutes from the sea.  Villas in those kind of areas (around Mougins, Valbonne etc) just look so boring and suburban.  Dreadful.  And as someone said, after a few months you don't want to take on the traffic any more so going to the beach becomes a twice a year major expedition.  Life in Suburbia.

I think the best places to live are either right near the sea (ie the old town in Antibes) or right out in the back country where it's peaceful.

I expect that more expensive upmarket properties (the sort of place a City yuppie with a few mill to spend might buy) will fall in price a bit, but more ordinary places that I'd expect the average AngloInfoer lives in won't fall much.  The key is to imagine what kind of person the property would attract, and think of how his/her financial circumstances have changed in the last year or two.  IMO the "crash" in London house prices is hyped up by the media who like to have a different story to write, that is unless you think prices dropping a couple of % is a "crash".  The keys to the CdA property market (scarcity of supply, and non-negotiable wish to live here and here only by buyers/renters) will hold in the medium and longer term.  I don't know any agent who thinks prices here are falling at all now.

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Posted by unbelievable - 16 years ago

English dude, I know first hand of one case already where the estimate on a place currently for sale was 12 million Francs a year ago and 10 million today. I know of another sale that took place 40% below the asking price. Prices listed in the realtor windows are well above the selling prices in most cases, and many places are on the market twice as long now as several years ago (this from hearsay).

Back on topic and regarding Sophia: Again, two or three years ago you would have been right--Sophia would have been a much greater factor in this conversation. Many locals do in fact work there. But Sophia is for the most part a telecom-focused tech park, and we all know what has happened in this space in the past years. What has happened world-wide in the industry has also happened in Sophia; there have been lay-offs, many small companies have gone under, the amount of availalable office space has increased, and the attitude is sit tight and wait it out. Sophia is not booming like it was recently and this has had an effect on local real estate and rental markets.