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Best PAYG Option

Posted by MacService - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 4 years ago

We are with Le Clerc.

1. Credit on your phone lasts for 1 year. You can be low on credit and they will let you know.  If you are low on credit and are due to pay the 1.50€ per month charge they will just knock it off when you next recharge.

2. You can top up online with ANY credit/debit card (it doesn't have to be French). Any amount from 5€.

3. If you have SFR or Orange and don't top up your sim within so many months, you will lose it. Same as Vodafone in UK.

4.  You also don't have the problem of un-used credit at the end of your payment period and then losing it to Orange or SFR. They are crooks.

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Posted by Rivera-Mode - 4 years ago

You will need a french bank dedit card to "top up", no matter if it is in the UK or on the contenient.

You will have to call your other, they will have to go to the shop, purchase a recharge, and they will also have to call the number and recharge for you.

Remember also, France is among the highest priced places in the world for cell service.

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Posted by MacService - 4 years ago

More information would definitely have been useful! 

I will have my UK mobile with me as well so the French PAYG carded phone will really be for receiving locally originated calls whist we're in the transition period, until we've got bank accounts etc sorted out so I can set up a contract. Being able to top up from the UK would be useful as well.

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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 4 years ago

Free do 2hrs a month calls in france plus unlimited texts €2 per month

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 4 years ago

RED from SFR, mine is 1 hour per month plus unlimited SMS,  €5! Can't be bad....if you need more sophisticated/international calling, maybe something else, but for French numbers and/or just to be contactacable, this seems a good buy.


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

It depends entirely on how, and how much, you use your phone, what numbers you call, French landlines or mobiles or international, do you mainly make voice calls or send sms or use it for emails or for surfing ...

Leclerc is good for very low users, Free is definitely another one to look at, Virgin have some interesting offers if you use your phone a lot within France, on the other hand if it's strictly for emergencies you're probably best with a UK sim that never expires. 

Also, before you decide you need to check that the network has good coverage where you live. Some networks have patchy coverage outside of big towns.

I have a dual sim phone with one UK sim and one French sim (Leclerc) because that's what works best for me, couldn't find one overall best.