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Best value supermarkets - surprizing findings

Posted by TomTom-248588 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Cherchez - 8 years ago

I popped into Leclerc yesterday on the way to Carrefour and I must say that Leclerc to me seems more exxy than Carrefour. What did strike me as well is that Leclerc did not have anywhere as many offers on as Carrefour does.

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Posted by Cherchez - 8 years ago

I've always found Carrefour to be the cheapest and to have the largest selection of goods.If you look carefully in Carrefour they have some real gems that other supermarkets don't stock.

Leaderprice in Menton, although relatively limited in their stock, have excellent prices. I've never been overimpressed with Leclerc compared to Carrefour.

Casino I have always found to be very expensive.

I tend to start off in Leaderprice then go on to Carrefour.

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Posted by charlee948 - 8 years ago

Try Leader Price, on Raymond Poincaré in Antibes or on the Chemin St. Bernard, Vallauris, their prices are extremely competitive and they have now started selling brand names, aside from their own makes.Even their organic brands are excellent quality and the prices are cheaper than regular non organic brands at Casino, etc….

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Posted by nous-les-cinq - 8 years ago

We do all of our shopping at Carrefour, Le Geant, and occasionally Auchan.

Carrefour is in my opinion the best of the best, because of their promotions. If you have a carte de fidelite with them, the deals are incredible.

It's true that LeClerc puts a lower price-tag on some of their items, but we lose so much money in the long run by shopping there because they rarely do the 50% reimbursed on your card, or the buy-1-get-1-free offers. They will occasionally offer half-price on a select few items, but we find hundreds of these offers from the aformentioned stores on a regular basis.

We save literally thousands of euros each year, and use almost entirely the top name-brand items. Over the past ten years, we've hardly ever used 'generic' anything, and we pay far less than the price of generic or store brands (Carrefour brand, Casino brand, Auchan brand, etc). For example, with Carrefour, we know that once every six weeks or so, they will put the four-packs of Tropicana Orange Juice on sale with 50% of the price reimbursed. The limit per card is nine, but when it's a four-pack..... that's 36 bottles of Tropicana OJ. That definitely lasts until the next time it is put on sale.

Same goes for OKAY paper towels, White LOTUS toilet paper, Daucy or Green Giant vegetables, Kelloggs cereals, Danone yogurts, Fleury Michon / Herta meats, and so on. And when we pay only half-price for these items (or get half the price reimbursed in a cheque at the end of the month), we are paying far less than even the generic brands..... but with the top quality.

It takes a bit of extra effort to shop for name brand items like this, but the larger supermarkets make it easier now that you don't have to stand in the check-out line anymore (with rapid scans and the scan-it-yourself gadgets)...... and when we add up how much it saves (usually 300 to 400 per month), that makes such a difference in a year.

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Posted by Emy-183095 - 8 years ago

I thought Dia and Lidl would be less expensive on most things!

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Posted by TomTom-248588 - 8 years ago

ah! do not watch tv.

for ages I wrongly thought that casino and geant are very good deals

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 8 years ago

This website is on French TV every other minute for the last 2 years, ever since supermarkets have been allowed to advertise on TV.

I also think it is sponsored by LeClerc.

Yesterday in Dia (a discount store owned by Carrefour) I saw 6 Knacks for €1,06, while at Carrefour or LeClerc you get 10 for the same price.