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between Valbonne and Biot

Posted by big panda - Created: 14 years ago
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I'll hopefully be moving soon to a house on route de Biot, near the roundabout with the satellite TV shop (not far from Champion), about 3km from the centre of Valbonne.

Anyone out there got the low-down on this neck of the woods? Is there any sense of community here, as although technically in Valbonne it's a fair way from the centre. What about traffic intensity? Does anyone know anything about the local infants school (my daughter is 3)?

Comments gratefully reveived ...


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

At that part of Valbonne, the "maternelle" for your daughter is the one in Ile Verte.  It is an easy walk for big daddy pandas and mummy pandas accompanying baby pandas to nursery school.  Like most maternelles all over France, it is excellent. 

Ecole Ile Verte école maternelle
2555 rte Biot 06560 VALBONNE  04 92 94 06 19

The follow-on primary school is at the same address, easy walking for your girl panda to learn independent pedestrian/traffic skills when she is a little older.

Ecole Ile Verte école primaire
 04 92 94 06 15

You have the brand new collège not far away, also a nice walk or short bike ride for a growing panda cub.  Beginning in September 2004, they plan to start ramping up "sections internationales" integrating native-language English teaching into the French public system. (also Italian, Spanish, German depending upon demand).

Collège de Valbonne chem Darbousson 06560 VALBONNE  04 92 91 51 30

and (assuming the panda family stay that long), the lycée du secteur (probably will still be the CIV in 12 years time) is 5-10 minutes car/bus/scooter trip depending on time of day and traffic.

Centre International de Valbonne 190 rue Frédéric Mistral 06560 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS  04 92 96 52 00

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Posted by jjoepage - 14 years ago

I live on Route de Biot; it is really nice.  The village is great, I walk there as I am only 1.5 km from it.  I shop at Champion, 1.5km in the other direction.  Lots of English speaking people in this neighborhood.  Should have no problem finding 'community' here.  But, I must say the D4 is not the quiet zone.  Traffic is noisy.  My house is only 50 meters from the road.  The mopeds are an unreal kind of loud.  The road is not so busy that you must wait in traffic, but the noise might bother you as cars tear up and down the roadway.  I know those houses down by the TV shop are much nicer as they are set off the roadway a bit.  I ride my bicycle there sometimes and it is OK.  The TV is horrible.  The people seem as unfriendly and useless as can be.  They got all angry because I didn't want to apprectiate the fine 6 channels of french TV and was seeking alternatives.  Can't understand how they make money.  I was trying to spend some there and they just kept being rude; go figure.  The forrest down on the brague, only 200 meters from route de Biot is quite nice for long hikes and walking the dog.  It a great place.Its all good