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Beware of scammer claiming to be from Microsoft

Posted by kema - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Neil Clarke - 5 years ago

Hi again,

If the call seems to be unwanted after listening to the opening lines, and the caller only speaks English, use your best French very quickly to say you don't understand, say "bye-bye" in a French accent and then put the phone down.

If the caller is French, say in English with an Indian (or other) accent that you are Indian (or other nationality) and don't understand French.  If they change into English (which some of them can speak), just say you don't understand and then put the phone down.

I'm sure though that everyone has their own way of getting rid of unwanted callers without me trying to tell them.

Have fun, Neil

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Posted by crumblies - 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips, Neil. We don't have the inconnu function on our phone, so I always pick up in case it's one of our children! Maybe it's something I should get, and save myself some hassle.

Someone did ring not long ago and asked if I had any jewellery. "NO I HAVE NOT! It was ALL stolen in a robbery last year. So don't call again PLEASE!" And they haven't.

Regards, Mrs C

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Posted by Neil Clarke - 5 years ago

Hi Kema & the Crumblies,

I always ignore calls where the "inconnu / unknown" sign comes on the phone screen.                 If they are afraid of showing their number, they are not worth listening to.

We get enough cold sales calls as it is, mainly solar panel firms or even buyers of gold.

Our phone flashes "nouveau message" if we've missed a call, (our SFR answerphone service is not working so no message to hear), and I usually look the number up on Pages Jaune website's  "inverse directory" which sometimes tells me who has rung so I can choose whether to get back to them or not.         More often than not, the callers number is not listed, so again I don't bother ringing them back.

Regards, Neil


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Posted by crumblies - 5 years ago

We (in the Var) have recently had three calls like this. Mr Crumbly was incredibly patient with number one, I told number two we weren't interested. Yesterday number three, who could barely speak English, was given very short shrift by me and requested never to darken our phone again.

Is it possible, when a number is withheld, to track a caller, or have him tracked? Does anybody know?

Regards, Mrs Crumbly