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big shopping centre in Nice?lunch?

Posted by lynnemb - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by lynnemb - 15 years ago

Thanks folks...Im afraid that I too feel a bit negative Lori...thats y I ask really.

Is a rest. on the autoroute any safer/better??? Any recommendations??

Dont think I could find a P on the front in Nice (if u see wot I mean). Perhaps Id just better tootle on to Saint Aygulf and try it there???

I have a disabled parking badge so perhaps I shall see if this helps at all...none too optimistic.



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Posted by LoriMansour - 15 years ago

I would agree with ilight about the security of the car issue - and perhaps the eating issue too -  I enjoyed shopping at Cap 3000, but I would not eat there and I would NEVER leave ANYTHING in my car there, or perhaps anywhere.  Once while checking in to a rental apt. in the Regina building (Cimiez), my car was broken into and everything stolen out of it !  I was gone for 5 minutes and the car was parked along the main road in DAYLIGHT. 

If you can't unpack your car, I would never leave it out of eyesight.  Sorry for the negativity,....

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Posted by ilight - 15 years ago

Heres my opinion: dont go to that lame excuse for a mall. take lunch at a seaside restaurant and sit where you can see your car parked if you have all your belongings in plain view.

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Posted by lynnemb - 15 years ago

Thanks Lisa. Ive emailed them some qs. They dont directly answer my queries. Id be interested in folks' opinions.




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Posted by Lisa_C - 15 years ago

Hi Lynne

I think you may be looking for CAP 3000, a large shopping mall just to the west of Nice airport. Cap 3000 has its own website which should be able to answer the rest of your questions, the link is:


best wishes