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boring washing machines, St George to the rescue?

Posted by lynnettejane - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by lynnettejane - 12 years ago

I know this is an old topic, but has taken this long to get the machine fixed, mainly due to the fact thet we are not down there all the time. Well it was Les Robotins in Nice who finally did the deed. We were badly let down by a prvious person who charged 57 euros for a diagnostic visit but never returned. So we contacted the above firm. Their engineer came in July to see the machine, was very professional, he new exactly what was needed, and told us to contact the office when next down there to get the part fixed. This we did, and the man turned up exactly as arranged, fixed the washer in ten minutes and it has been fine since. It wasn't cheap, but I would recommend them, we used their Nice Est office and they were very helpfulregards Lynnette

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Posted by lynnettejane - 13 years ago

Thankyou all for your help, the washing machine in question is almost new so I wouldn,t expect to have to replace it yet as it has had little use. I do think it is a belt problem, but it is an integral appliance and getting it out of its cupborad to get at the relevant bits might prove a bit too challenging. I think the heavy bath mats are the culprits! So if we can't sort it, then M Smith might be the answer, thanks especially to St G


regards Lynnette

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Posted by Navanman-194127 - 13 years ago

Hi Lynnettejane This may be a wild but safe bet. If you can get to the back of the machine, there should be approx 6 to 10 screws hold on a steel plate, if you can get this off and see inside the machine to the drum. It's most likely that the belt, normally a black plastic hoop has slipped off the drum, to get it back into place simply loop belt around moto and the drum wheel, if you lean on drum to give you a little play to slip belt on. This has happened to me a few times, normally as result or overloading machine with towels.Hope it's that simple, Best of luck !!Navanman

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Posted by Nice&Easy - 13 years ago

The best thing is diconnect and pull out the washer.Take the top off and see if the belt is in position if it is check by turning the drum and see if it slips.If you have no joy and all is ok with the above then go to a local firm and ask if you call them out and the machine was not worth repairing ( some cheaper makes the parts cost to much ) and  you purchased one from them will they waver the call out charge.My local company did just that and i paid similar price to the local hypermarket for a quality washer.Some times pays to shop local certainly for after sales.

Good luck 

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 13 years ago

Go to Selection Menager, half way up Rue Cassini on the left hand side coming up from the Port of Nice towards Place Garibaldi. See Monsieur René and ask for Mr.Smith's phone number. René only speaks French.

Good luck