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Bouygues Telecom (land line)

Posted by eibhlin - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Depanordique - 7 years ago

First, a few clarifications:

Is it a "real" land line (phone plugged into the wall jack) or an IP line (plugged into the router/Bbox)?

Is your internet also out of commission?

If your internet is working and it's an IP line: There should be an LED indicating the service status, what does it say (colour, blinking/not blinking/off)?

The next time you call them, explain the situation (that it's now been four weeks and that you're tired of being punted around) and demand to talk with a superior. If they try to push you off, stand firm. Make sure you stay calm and polite. It's okay to be a little annoyed, however, but not too much - while some of them are totally inept, they are usually doing their best to help you and making their day miserable isn't doing anyone any favours.