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British TV in France

Posted by Liam-189659 - Created: 14 years ago
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Is it possible to receive British TV via a "Digital set top box" (Freeview) like you can buy in the UK from Argos etc. If not what's the next best thing......in the Antibes area?

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 14 years ago

No.I suggest you try reading all the info asked previously in the Media section and then ask again if you still don't understand.You can only get British TV from a satellite signal, which requires a digital satellite receiver. The signals are only really directed at the British Isles so the strength is not necessarily very good outside that geographic area. However, with a large enough dish you can usually get a fairly dependable signal (at least that is the case at present; nothing is guaranteed - the signal could be tightened to a more specific geographic area in the future).Given those provisos, you can buy a digital satellite receiver and dish in France for less than 100 euro which should allow you to receive BBC 1-4 and most British radio. If you want ITV, Ch4 & CH5 you will need a "Sky digibox" and a currently valid card of some sort.