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Builders to avoid

Posted by sheila bardon - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by ECM-198599 - 13 years ago

Of course there are incompetant builders and building professionals here as anywhere else!  A difference here could be that there is an awful lot of stupid money on the coast and plenty who are ready to separate it from its niaive/ignorant/reckless (and sometimes innocent) owners.  Either brains are forgotten at home, or they wither in the sun, but whatever the reason there seems to be a disproportionate number of people all too eager to put themselves in ridculous situations - that I'm convinced they never find themselves in "at home" - through a lack of simple common sense and foresight; and, of course it is always some one else's fault.  There are genuine rip-offs, but, sadly, these people get only what they deserve.

There are plenty of good, honest and competant builders and building professionals in the region.  Caveat emptor, as any where else.

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Posted by snowqueen-191196 - 13 years ago

Be wary of architects, I found that ours had not always chosen the best local electrician etc. (and the builder who was working for us at the time knew that they weren't the best available I subsequently discovered.

Must say I found our architect was a waste of space and certainly not worth the money as he didn't oversee anything much!

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Posted by JOHN BORKETT-216999 - 13 years ago

Unfortunately relied too much on the Architect to check quality and costs and assumed he had sorted the best prices but obviously they would rather have a high price as its reflected in their fee/comission etc!JB

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Posted by jmroberts-180597 - 13 years ago

Reccomendations are the best way to choose builders/electricians/plumbers, etc...

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Posted by lost-209214 - 13 years ago

unbelievable how many people get taken for a ride! How have you chosen your builders? get 3 or 4 quotes & chosen the cheapest?

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Posted by JOHN BORKETT-216999 - 13 years ago

I would be grateful for the name of your builder, we have a house in the village of St Paul de Vence which makes work difficult. Although we have used an Architect the problems arise because we are not on site and when we return a few weeks later its too late to rectify!We have found the work so far to be expensive and of a poor standard.JB

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Posted by Trudie-183812 - 17 years ago

Jan - How can you say the pool builder has done a great job. You told me this morning the pool was just being filled, so it may look good but you better wait a couple of days before recommending him. You never know the pool could be empty by the morning!


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Posted by Jan-181414 - 17 years ago

I can also recommend an English speaking builder (could possibly be the same one) and a pool builder. The pool builder does not speak English, but he has done a great job.JanAnything for a peaceful life

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Posted by Si-180835 - 17 years ago

I can recommend a building firm (English Speaking) should anyone need it.

Drop me an email and I'll forward the details.



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Posted by Sally-Anne Francis - 17 years ago

Hi SheilaMore than interested to know who your builders are as we are renovating too and have just had a narrow escape with one particular builder and are now looking for a reputable one.But what area are you in - we are near St paul de vence and keen to hear from anyone who can recommend a professional firm.Kind regardssally-Anne