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Burglar alert- Chateuneuf

Posted by Bluesky-189167 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

Hi Bluesky, blimey how long have you been out of the uk? I live in a moderately sized town in the north east of England, and believe me the crime rates here are terrible, so much so that burglary is certainly not a priority to the police, neither is chasing car thieves, there is just so much of it. Theft in this country is no longer despised, so next time you are here and it is freezing cold and you notice young people going out  at night without coats or sweaters, no they are not mad, they just know that their coats will be stolen if they put them in the cloakrooms. Sady it seems to be a sign of the times wherever you live, regards Lynnette

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Posted by Bluesky-189167 - 16 years ago

The funny thing is that I lived from the age of 3 till 17 on Broadwater Farm (Tottenham-Riots etc) and I have never known so much crime. I like to think of myself as "street wise" but down here is just ridiculous. The police were nice guys but they haven't got a chance unless they do some undercover work and wait for these guys to turn up. Today was a clear indication that they are planning to strike again. I got a clear look for a few minutes at this guy yet they did not even ask for a description