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Bus route to Valbonne

Posted by s99kat - Created: 14 years ago
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Help!! I'm trying to get a bus into Valbonne from L'Ille Verte where I live.  The nearest bus stop is Called Val d'Azur and we're near the Valbonne Champion.

Maybe I am missing something but I cannot work out where I'm going wrong.  I tried to get on one called the 13VB (Ligne Verte) which according to the route map goes to Valbonne, only to be told it goes to Sophia!!

If anyone knows what times I can get a bus from the Champion area (there are a few stops) into Valbonne and back, I would appreciate it.

How difficult can it be?!



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Posted by jjoepage - 14 years ago

Tony is right.  I have to admit, that stop Val d'Azur is tricky.  Usually the bus direction can be determined by the side of the street on which it stops.  Since Val d'Azur is in a turn around part of the route, busses in both directions pass that stop on the same side of the street!  Confusing.  Anyway, try it again and simply ask the driver 'Valbonne ou Sophia'  Even if you don't speak french, you've got to be able to say: 'Valbonne ou Sophia'.  I live on this route so I am pretty certain the Linge Verte goes to Valbonne.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

I hate to say so, but it wouldn't be possible that you tried to get on the 13VB bus going in the other direction?  ie from Valbonne towards Sophia/Biot?




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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

I can't help you with the bus, but I recently looked up a business on the Pages Jaunes site and it had two listing with the same address and phone number, but one said Valbonne and the other said Sophia, so there must be some overlap.