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Posted by bambam-189733 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Well, we signed OK, but not without a last minute panic, all due to the Notaire. She didn't give us any information the preparations we should make - ie transferring money. And she never called back when we left messages for her (I thought the problems would come from here). She finally called us yesterday evening (after the banks had shut) telling us that at 11 o clock today we will need a BANK cheque (not a personal one) for the purchase price of the house + the frais de notaire. I had previously stated that I wanted to pay the frais de notaire from a UK bank account directly, she said that was OK. However whan the day came, surprise, surprise, this wasn't OK. I guess that if she had answered my calls, and told me how much the frais de notaire are, I would have done a transfer last week, so we wouldn't have had that problem. I was angered by this, and had a go at her about it - she said that its not her job to give me these details. When I suggested she could have done knowing that as a foreigner and I surely wouldn't know what the procedure was here, she told me that it was the Estate Agents job to do that.

Moral of the story - if you are transferring money in from abroad, contact the Notaire at least a week before the exchange date to organise the transfers. When his/her secretary tells you they are unavailable, insist, or even go to their office in person. And remember, don't count on them to help you with anything, they do not see this as their role.

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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

It seems they can cash the cheque immediately after the cooling off period.  When you reach the exchange, the estate agent (if it is the estate agent who you paid the cheque to) sends the money to the notaire.  I will be exchanging next tuesday - so I will be able to tell you exactly what happens if you have any further questions....