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calling all boat workers

Posted by J & C-187881 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by cheffie - 16 years ago

After being based in Antibes for nearly 11 years, I have been on only 1 boat based here. Travel is a large part of the business. There have been years when I spent 5 weeks or less at home.

Also be prepared for not seeing your partner for long periods of time (months!!). Your mobile bills will be astronomical. If you can't be apart for extended periods of time, think about another career. No boat likes to replace a crewmember mid-season because you miss him/her.

So, find a job anywhere, lock your bike, close up your flat and kiss your partner goodbye. You may not be seeing them for a while.

Good Luck

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Firstly check with whoever is employing you as to your conditions of employment ( usually the Captain or his wife / girlfriend / fiancé/ mistress / ex -stewardess )  and secondly I'd grab a bunk onboard for the nights that you're Duty watch , at sea , at anchor , in Cannes or St.Tropez , or even further afield like Corsica and Greece - this isn't an office job you know - you're about to become a sailor ( make sure you can make a decent BLT for when it's rough weather ) and bicycles go rusty on the upper deck !