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calling all gite owners..

Posted by kirstya - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by kirstya - 16 years ago


Hahahahaha i know what you mean about the photo's. Its trying to get a shot of the furniture looking all relaxing and nice...without showing too much house!!!...for now.

We will hopefully be up and running for April. We will be having a well earned break(!) ourselves for 10 days over easter weekend and if we can't live in the place, no-one can.

Bye for now......"i'm late...i'm late"

Kirsty-White rabbit


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Posted by Andrea Facey - 16 years ago

Dear White Rabbit (alias Kirsty),

I know just how you feel about time running away ... even though I work "only" part-time (teaching EFL and German in Nice), and we have "abandoned" our two children to their English and Scottish universities!

The days just aren't long enough ... even without battling with French tradesmen, and all the decisions/problems inevitably encountered when renovating in an area that we don't know very well yet. We are ending up getting a "man with a van" to bring out bathroom accessories and (believe it or not !) a kitchen sink from the UK ... my tastes are obviously not very French, at least as far as bathrooms are concerned!

Thanks for your husband's offer to quote for the translation of our website into Dutch. I will Email you a copy of the text, once I have written it! One of our problems is that as we are more or less gutting the apartment, we won't be able to include photos of the interior until ... heaven only knows!We were planning to be able to start with a bang by letting for the Monaco Grand Prix week at an exorbitant price ... but hopes are fading fast!

I will get in touch again soon ... it's great to share our ideas/worries/queries/hopes/plans !!



I will

Andrea Facey

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Posted by kirstya - 16 years ago


Thanks for your advice on the German sites. I am looking into all the Dutch sites available at the moment with help from some Dutch relatives' advice. I will let you know what my finds are. One good one i found was vacanceselect.nl but it is all in Dutch, it took me a while to navigave as i have forgotten a lot of Dutch as soon as I threw myself into French again, not that that is any good either..haha. My brain gets confused!!! I started saying "oui" to my Dutch relations and they look at me like '..stupid Englander'!!

My Husband has said he would gladly help out with any Dutch translating and would be pleased to look over your text and offer a quote with no obligation if you were thinking along these lines.

I have a list of terms and conditions in progress at the moment that i can mail to you in a couple of days to look at, take ideas from or just copy the whole thing!! We are going to state that the binding contract is the English one as we are living in the UK full time for now.

So much to do with a full-time job and a part-time family (i'm a wicked stepMum) and the evenings dissapearing as quick as anything. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in wonderland!!!

I'll be in touch with the T&C's when i have finished.

Bye for now and glad to know i'm not alone.


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Posted by Sailor 2-192599 - 16 years ago

Dear Kirstya,

Many thanks for your detailed answer, which I have just read. I spent a few hours this afternoon doing some internet research into the best group(s) to advertise with, and had just come to the conclusion that for the UK market French Connection appealed the most ... so it was nice to read that your parents have been happy with them.

Coincidentally, we are also interested in advertising to the German and Scandinavian markets (and Dutch, if your husband fancies a bit of translation?) ... we are bilingual English/German and speak good French.

Having found French Connection, I also spent quite some time looking for an equivalent German site, without being completely satisfied. The best I have seen so far are www.fewovista.de and www.fewo-direkt.de, (fewo = ferienwohnung = holiday flat/cottage), but they do not specialise in just France, and are more “commercial”  in style than French Connection. I now plan to ask a few friends in Germany which websites they would use to look for holiday accommodation in France … I’ll let you know what they suggest.

On another matter … I imagine we will need a carefully drawn up legal contract (in more than one language, with the binding version in French ?) Have you thought about this yet?

As you said, it’s a steep learning curve … but we’ll get there!

Good luck!

Sailor 2

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Sailor 2

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Posted by kirstya - 16 years ago


I have had quite a few replies to my posting, both here and on the bretagne site, and all were different!! I learnt that some people charge a cleaning fee, some don't. Some charge a linen hire fee some don't. Some charge for heating in the winter, some don't and a bix of mix and match from the above!! We have personally decided to let people have linen and towels and heating etc free of charge but have a cleaning fee for those that don't wish to leave the house clean themselves and have it cleaned for them which will be deducted from a damage deposit given to us before arrival. We will however charge a small fee for heating during winter months.

Our place is in central france (23) and is a very rural area, so we will attract different people who wish to visit the Riviera but the principles are the same, i guess.

We have decided to advertise with French connection as a start only because my parents have a B+B close to our place and they have had great success with them. I am building a website now (the easy way using publisher) but am totally new to the website world and don't know anything about hosting yet.

We are also hoping to appeal to the many Dutch people that visit the area, as my Husband is dutch he is translating all our info we have into Dutch and German (He's fluent in both and is starting a translating business, he's just qualified in his post grad course ready for when we eventually move to France full-time, he can take his work with him....Lucky!!)

I'll be glad to share more with you as and when i get any new info, keep in touch.

Success to you!


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Posted by Sailor 2-192599 - 16 years ago

Dear Kirstya,

Did you get any useful replies by Email? You have just asked to sort of questions I would like to know the answers to ...

We have just bought a small garden apartment on the yacht harbour in St. Jean - Cap Ferrat, which we are currently renovating, and planning to holiday let this summer ... we live only 5 minutes walk away, so are also planning to do it on a DIY basis, rather than employ a letting agent, who would want 20-25% of the rent for their services !!

I am just starting to do some research, but would be very happy to swap ideas with you ... perhaps we can pool our knowledge as we acquire it? 

How are you planning to advertise? We are registering with the local tourist office and Sailor 1 is currently designing a website for the apartment, as a first step.

Look forward to hearing from you, and anyone else with useful tips on DIY holiday letting.

Sailor 2