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Can a British visitor get medical attention?

Posted by leslie-179832 - Created: 14 years ago
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I have been referred for an MRI scan in the UK, but the waiting list there is many months. I am currently visiting family in Cannes, and I'm wondering whether I can get the scan done while I'm here. Does anyone know what the likely cost is, and whether I would have any medical coverage here?

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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

I can't answer your questions about cost and insurance, but if your French is good enough, I'm sure you can call up and inquire.

I just had an MRI done last week at Cannes Hospital. I made my appointment and had the scan a few days later. You are seen promptly and get your results half an hour later. The people who do the MRI at the hospital are actually a private company who works on the premises. This is the second MRI I've had done there and the experience was the similar--prompt and efficient.