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Can i copy a Divx video file to a DVD

Posted by oodster - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by NuttR - 14 years ago

Burning it onto a CD-R as a "VCD" might work out cheaper than on DVD, and the picture quality will never be as good as a DVD even if you do burn a DVD...  You need to convert the DivX (possibly in a .avi format?) into an MPEG2 format as used by DVDs.  I've been searching for free software for this for ages and haven't found any.  You can buy a commercial package to do this but by far the cheapest and most reliable solution would be to do as suggested above and buy a video card with a TV out.  That's what I did.  I also hooked up a radio transmitter gadget (you can buy them in Darty for something like 150 Euros) that allows me to pick up the TV signal on the main TV in the lounge.  Works like a charm - and I don't have to even spend any time reworking films before I watch them.  And no CDs/DVDs to buy...

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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

Lots of opportunity for creating DVD drink coasters down that road and quite time consuming too. I figured it wasn't worth the trouble and invested in a 45euros on the cheapest ATI Radeon video card with TV output and 45 euros at Castorama for a wireless audio/video transmitter. Now I can play the divx from my computer and watch it on the tv.

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 14 years ago

If you have a DVD player which supports .avi or .vcd or DivX formats then you can, but on a normal CD not a DVD disc.

Otherwise you can re-record your DivX file with some DVD burning software and record it on a DVD disc for your DVD player.

Have a search on the web for a utility to convert your DivX .avi file to .vob DVD files and use Nero to burn a disc.

This is a highly complex area you're into, so unless you really know your way around your PC and file formats, compression codecs and so on it's not really worth the hassle.