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Can you recommend a bank?

Posted by melody-189421 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by thelma2 - 16 years ago

The post office are the easiest to get a bank account with. For me I have a badoo package, which means I get a carte bleue and if I want a cheque book. My bank charges are 7euro per month.

The only really negative aspect to it, is that I've to wait 10 days before they cash my cheque (French cheques, I don't know about international) For me it's ok, cause I see it as saving money, but if you really are in dire need of your money, it's not that convenient.

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Posted by pepe-189761 - 16 years ago

Having got fed up being ripped off the eqivalent of £30 per transfer by Credit Agricole I tried using my La Poste account. Incredibly they don't take a single centime in commission. You can get a cash card, cheque book and they even have a web site to check balances. Thoroughly recommended.

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Posted by Anusha-181570 - 16 years ago

bnp in antibes rocks.... the people have always been great, polite, efficent. The women even have a smile on their face... rare for the french banking race

alternatively my i was at societe generale before and they charged me nothing per month... thats right nada, zero, rien, but service was awful i couldnt take it anymore. Though they did give me a free CD player when I introduced a friend

the joys of french banks

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Posted by sunnyw - 16 years ago


i have got a accoount with socite generale and have internet accesss and good customer services from local branche and they speak english , a bit ...


try to them ,mayb helps



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Posted by Shanwick - 16 years ago

Also a Banque Populaire customer and no complaints.  They have an international branch with English speaking staff in Nice (Blvd Victor Hugo) and their 8.15 Euro charge every 3 months won't break the bank!

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I won't bore you again with my banking history (I've posted it elsewhere in antoehr thread) but having been through BNP and Societe Generale, I wouldn't touch either with a bargepole.

I changed to Banque Directe (now AXA) about thee years ago (after Societe Generale ripped me off and lied to me once too often) and my only regret is that I hadn't done so earlier.  They are inexpensive and excellent.  Their product offering may not be as sophisticated as the High Street banks but they offer everything 'normal' including intenrational transfers, etc.



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Posted by palmerbarbara2001 - 16 years ago

do not and i repeat do not touch CL IN ANTIBES they are un helpful rude don't know what they are doing and bang charges on whenever they like you can't see any one without an appointment and when you do they treat you like dirt  most banks are alike i'm told except the post office

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Posted by AD-186666 - 16 years ago



I am sure it is up to every branch how good a service you get but Credit Agricole have been terrible in Mandelieu - we have complained and complained been to CA in Draginaun and again nothing.   We were out of pocket by thousands and still they pile the charges on !


Banque Populaire have been very good (so far)

Good luck


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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

banque directe (AXA Banque) is the cheapest, costs 2 euros a month and this can be refunded fully or in part...

apply on the internet or by phone...




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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

It is a minefield opening an account here.....

I have found Credit Aricole to be very helpful.  Just bear in mind that you can only deposit cheques in your "home" bank where you set the account up....    - so open it in a local branch - Whereas in UK it does not make too much difference where you open the account. 

You need all the usual suspects in terms of ID for opening an account - Proove of Residnce in France EG Bill, Proove of Income,  and peronsal ID EG Passport. 

- I couldn`t get this as bills were in my partners name already - I was not going for carte de Sejour immediately....  so we could either go for a Certificate de Concubinage instead as proove of residence or we wrote a contract in the end with my GF saying I was in effect lodging at the residence - :-)

They accepted the contract between my GF and I as proof of residence address.   A employment contract could do instead...- which would also cover proove of income.