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Capital gains tax in Italy

Posted by claire2-198127 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by ivi - 13 years ago

INVIM is long gone.

Capital gains are taxable in Italy in theory.  In practice for foreign residents, who knows?  I think not.  Talk to a Notary in Italy.  I'm sure no Italian notaries collect capital gains tax for the government, so after that it's up to you.  You can also talk to the Ufficio di Registro, who are responsible for collecting the tax.  Odds on no-one has a clue and if you sell and leave with a gain......  well, that's that.  You can always sell and leave and THEN go and talk to the Ufficio di Registro about your position.   

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Posted by Pervinca - 13 years ago

There used to be capital gains and it was called INVIM but there was talk of phasing this out, best to find out.

The Italians have copied t he French since Maastrict in levying practically  all the same  taxes, including the house tax ICI  which is very high if it's not your main residence,  though not yet taxe d'habitation, and this climbs inexorably every year since it's levied by the local authorities who are always skint.  A lot of ste alth taxes have been introduced in recent years. Only good thing the Berlusca government did was to abolish the inheritance tax.

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Posted by claire2-198127 - 13 years ago

Really? so if I buy in Italy I have no capital gains to pay on my Italian property  if I live in france or UK? CH

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Posted by ivi - 13 years ago

Normally it goes on your income tax declaration, so it depends on your marginal rate of tax.  If you are a seller with a foreign residency the Italians don't seem to have woken up about taxing you at point of sale.  So......   well it is Italy after all.