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Posted by Panpot-209723 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Panpot-209723 - 7 years ago

Thank you, I intend to have an up to date MOT plus 12 moths Tax before arriving. I will talk to insurers here to get the cover.

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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 7 years ago

Fir the length of time, ie 6 months, it's not worth importing the car into France, in any case if you go to Italy for a short break & come back, the time of arrival is when you arrive back in France.
As for a CT, no it is not valid for a UK registered car, it must be an annual MOT, which is ever so slightly different. Yes you can insure a UK car in France, but despite the insurance company's claims, it is still not possible to use this insurance cover to get UK road tax.
So the best bet for this enquiry is to ensure that the car has an MOT which covers the period, plus UK insurance & road tax.
PS French authorities can now trace UK reg cars that are being driven around in this country without UK road tax, including those that have been SORNed.

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

In view of no one being able to prove when your car arrived in France, you can keep it on UK plates (unofficially).You can insure a UK registered car in France. For the MOT, I assume the french "controle technique" is the equivalent ?

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Posted by cizealin - 7 years ago

As mentioned on previous postings your car will be covered by EU law third party anyway (check with your insurer). Or you can get an annual green card (comprehensive cover) through Stuart Collins (find on google). Only way to get breakdown cover is also through them or AA Europe cover I have found. No prob at all to keep a UK car here for that period of time completely unnesscessary to re register it in my opinion! No one here who stays for short period does that at all, long term best to buy a French car, most do.

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Posted by Lots-322716 - 7 years ago

If you reside in France for six months or more, you are considered a permanent French resident, and as such you will have French register your car. You have to start this process within one month of arriving here.

You can get temporary French insurance whilst awaiting the completion of the registration process. You can read about how to register your car on the info on AngloInfo.