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Car Hire at Nice Airport

Posted by trajectory - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by cgraf - 16 years ago

Try www.sixti.de - apparently Sixt's attempt to counter EasyCarC.

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Posted by lulu-183463 - 16 years ago

i've used SIXT several times and haven't had any problems.

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Posted by trajectory - 16 years ago

It looks like most of the major firms have offices in both terminals. Friend of mine has warned me off Easyjet because of the horrific queues. Having said that, last time I was there Hertz was a nightmare.

Maybe I should just turn up on the day and find the shortest queue.

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Posted by trevor-188120 - 16 years ago

Very True,

I was renting a hire car for over 2 years from AVIS Nice Airport.

The cost still was very high for a month rental of a C Class car, even with the AWD non-disclosable rate given by my companies Wizard discount number. Some company AWD's give upto 60% off so its well worth trying to get one this way if your looking longer term...

Now I've brought over my car from England for 3 months of summer (on a 90 day green card with my english insurer), then its back to AVIS I guess... ho hum..



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

EasyCar are only a few minutes walk from the international terminal and you could make a quicker getaway from there by using them compared to havingto shuttle across to the other terminal and wasting time.  However they are not always the cheapest as they price on demand.

Apparently ADA are the cheapest.  (I've not checked their rates).  In general the companies which have counters at the airport are the most expensive,  as they have to cover the costs of the airport concession.

If you know someone who works for a large company,  and can persuade them to part with the corporate discount number, you will be able to get the corporate rate which that company has negotiated.  Also many airline loyalty programmes are associated with a similar CD number and these can give worthwhile savings.






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Posted by Twizzel-185350 - 16 years ago

Car hire at Nice airport and a quick get away are a contradiction in terms I am afraid.