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Car insurance: how to send in toll bill?

Posted by Annie_D - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

If you broke down whilst on the road the correct procedure is to phone the 24/7 number of your insurance company who provide dépannage and settle the bill directly.  If you don't do this they can refuse to pay for the tow truck.

If your car wouldn't start at your home and you have cover for home-start insurance you should have followed the same procedure.

If you phoned a garage without contacting the insurance company and they sent a tow truck it's unlikely the insurers will pay for either the dépannage or the costs to repair the car.

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Posted by Annie_D - 5 years ago

ad ps: i've found it! great, thanks!

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Posted by Annie_D - 5 years ago

oops, my fault :)

what i meant was: towed. so the car couldn't start and a mechanic had to send a truck to tow my car.

anyways. i am also not sure, that this would be covered, but the mechanic said, eventually it would.

so my question was, how i should communicate to the insurance what happened.



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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

Sorry to be dim but could you explain more exactly what you mean by 'my car needs to get tolled'? To me, tolls means motorway tolls but I'd be surprised if an insurance company will pay your motorway tolls! 

If by chance you are talking about the annual CT test, I would be almost as surprised if normal car insurance will pay for that - it's classed as routine maintenance and any repairs would be classed as normal wear and tear. But if you're saying that you have some kind of all-inclusive garage warranty that will cover it, then I think you'll have to read the small print or ask them - it's not something that most people have experience of.

ps. - I could be wrong but try looking under classifieds?