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Carrefour self scanner guns - how to use?

Posted by JayDub-203120 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

When the machine tells the hostess to do a spot check, it can tell her to check the whole caddy or 5 or 10 random items

One thing is certain, if there is a discrepancy, the following visit you will be checked for sure !

On your scanning device, you can add items, you can also remove them (if you decide to put it back or zap twice,) see the last item zapped, & a list of items in your caddy

You save loads of time normally as obviously you can put items directly into your bags in the caddy ! (except for items that won't scan, which you give to the hostess at check out.)

however, you will be checked from time to time

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 7 years ago

Thank you for the explanation. I had been wondering about them too and this has been very enlightening!

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Posted by Cheeseplant - 7 years ago

The system is based on trust for regular customers so you need to register and be accepted into the program. Thereafter, you scan all items before putting them into your basket, when you get to the checkout you download the scanner, pay the bill then use the receipt to open the exit gate. There are however regular random checks where a Carrefour employee will rescan everything in your basket to ensure that it matches with the scanner.