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Carte de Sejour finished

Posted by martinb-185976 - Created: 14 years ago
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Need some logic on this subject:

12 years ago, I (officially, all papers filed) moved away from Holland. I have been resident n Spain, Mexico, France & Monaco during this period.

My wife and me decided to settle down in Grimaid ( which used to be our second residence over the last 7 years) so, we went to the Mairie to get a new Carte de Sejour.

We met a very nice (and happy) lady who told us that this was not threir (le Mairie) cup of tea any longer (since November 27, 2003) and she told us that we had to report this - with an EDF bill - to the Spanish embassy (my wife is Spanish) and in my case, the Dutch consulate. And that'll do.

Now, and this I do not trust;

Does anubody on this Forum have faith in the fact that:

- Either the Spanish or the Dutch will report our residency to the Mairie in Grimaud, so we might have a chance that our daughter is placed on the huge waiting list for the 'kinder garden', we sincerely doubt that.

- It will be reported to the Tresorie, in order to change the tax level for real estate from 2nd residence into residence?

We simply do not see it happen.

Any experience with this issue, tell us



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Posted by martinb-185976 - 14 years ago

Super quick answer Legend, thanks


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

none of the examples you state (school registration, 2nd residence, etc.) depend necessarily on having a current carte de séjour although I can see why you might wish to have it all sewn up neatly.

The lady in the MAirie was partially right about the date and the fact that you no longer need a CdS.  However, you can still obtain one by insisting at the Préfecture.

Places at the "kindergarten" (presuming you mean école maternelle) are not yours by right and will depend on availability and the family situation.  As long as you can prove residency (e.g normal EDF bill) then you should get on the list and your chances should not be diminished by having no CdS.  Regarding the property - you had best sit down and consult with the Fisc on that one - I'm not sure how it will be considered seeing as you have a previous period of residency in France sandwiched between Mexico & Monaco.