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Carte de Sejour to disappear for EU Nationals?

Posted by Shanwick - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

OK - found it.

It's a tiny part of a much wider projet (bill) that's before the National Assembly to reform France's imigration laws: see section 2.2 of this document...

Then (e.g.) go here and then here and download this 250K PDF document (the projet) and this 300K PDF document for a scathing analysis of the first one.

(all in French, I'm afraid...)

The bill is in the discussion stage now, and (with civil rights groups, to put it mildly, being somewhat critical) it's likely to be some time before it becomes law, if it ever does.

So: you still need a carte de séjour.

(And I confirmed this by phoning the Ministry of the Interior, BTW)


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Posted by Kate A - 16 years ago

Dear Shanwick,

I had heard about the possible abolition of the CdS as well, but here are the replies I got when I asked the same Q on the forum...