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Carte Sejour

Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by kjlag-193902 - 16 years ago

We purchased a property in Cannes 18 months ago and needed a French account to handle the transactions.  We walked into Barclays in Cannes, gave them a copy of our passport and proof of where we lived at the time (UK) and they opened the account there and then.  When we finally moved here 5 weeks ago we gave them a change of address in Cannes and they speak English.  What they need is proof of a residence, either rented or purchased, so perhaps the best thing to is rent somewhere

As far as the CdS is concerned I was told by the Marie in Cannes that if we work here, which I do as I am self-employed we do need a CdS.  We star the process next week, so wish me luck

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Posted by gofrance - 16 years ago

When we went to open an account, we got different requirements of documents from almost every bank. All wanted something to the effect of proving who we were, where we lived and that we had money. Many would accept just a passport. Shop around. We got an account at the ClC branch on Rue de la Liberte in Nice. They don't advertise as English-speaking, but if you walk inside, the women a couple windows down on the right speaks fluent English. She doesn't open accounts, but she was very helpful setting us up with someone who did it for us.

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Posted by Star-193452 - 16 years ago

Hi Linda,

I moved here in Feb and managed to get a bank account via Britline, an arm of Credit Agricole.  What I did is give my London (rented address) as my own address but gave my French address as my postal address.  In doing so I manage to get all correspondance here in France and have no need for the London address.  The telephone number for this bank is 02 31 55 67 89.  They are English, just ask for a pack and follow the details and you should have your bank account. By the way there's loads of bureaucracy but I think that is the case with every bank.


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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 16 years ago

Thank you very much to everyone for all advice. Michael & Veronica have certainly put our minds at rest as far as the CPAM, we will give this a try.

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Posted by Michael and Veronica mobbs - 16 years ago

Linda's question about the Carte de Sejour has generated a lot of replies about bank accounts, but she also wanted to know about CPAM. Here's our experience: 1) We went to Prefecture (65) to apply for CdS, armed with loads of paperwork, only to be told that since November 2003 Brits (and presumably other EU) don't need, and therefore can't get, a Carte de Sejour. 2) We went to CPAM, fully expecting to have to argue with them that there was no such thing as a CdS any more for Brits etc, but they didn't even mention it. In fact they needed very little in the way of paperwork apart from passport. The fact that our letter from UK National Insurance was sent to us in France was enough to prove our address here - no need for EDF bill!PS on bank accounts - try Credit Agricole Calvados - they've got a special section for expats called "Britline". You don't need to live in Calvados! 0231 55 67 89

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

Is there something about the bank account number that identifies an account holder as a non-resident, i.e. our bank account has a J at the end of the number and what disadvantages are there between the two types of accounts (resident and non-resident)

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Posted by klwestall - 16 years ago

When I moved here last year I opened a bank account with Société Genérale in Mougins with my passport and a letter from my boyfriend stating that i live with him and an EDF bill in my boyfriend's name.  I had no problems at all.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

If you are staying with friends, you should use their facture EDF with a letter from them saying that you are living with them.

You might have better luck if you try to open an account at your friends bank, and take them along to introduce you.

Neither my wife nor I needed to show a carte de sejour to open an account even back in the days when they existed.


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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 16 years ago

Thanks for all but unable to get EDF in our name at this stage as we are staying for friends for at least 6 mths. Has anyone any info on this Carte Sejour? When we start work we will need bank accounts to pay salary into.We could use our English accounts but the transfer rates would eat up a lot of money.


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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

You don't need to be resident here to open an account but there is a difference between resident and non-resident bank accounts.

Get your bank to call up the Préfecture to confirm that it is no longer issuing titres de séjour for EU residents or, alternatively, go to a bank that focuses on the foreign resident market such as the Banque Populaire Cote d'Azur International Branch (details here: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/af/54/ as suggested by Pickled Pepper earlier).

Full details on the Carte de Séjour are at http://riviera.angloinfo.com/information/1/cds.asp. Note that we're still waiting for the decree from the Conseil d'État regarding the circumstances under which a titre de séjour will be needed by EU nationals.